Do You Make New Year’s Resolutions?


Happy New Year! At this time of year, we’re bombarded with talk of New Year’s Resolutions. Some people swear off alcohol in January. Some people quit sugar, wheat or meat. Some people hastily become members of their local gym or sign up for a half marathon.

Many of us make these resolutions because we feel negative about ourselves. We could be fitter, thinner, healthier, nicer, better looking, kinder…and we make lofty goals to try and achieve that. But, aren’t we starting off the New Year in a negative way: criticizing ourselves for last year’s failures and making every intention to correct them? Where will we be in December 2015? Probably at the same place again. Frustrated with ourselves. Making a whole new set of resolutions for the next year.

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Start 2014 Off Right With A Delicious Detox

happydetoxHappy New Year! I hope that this year is filled with health, happiness and fun for you and your family.

Do you feel as if you have been overeating since Halloween? Have you made some health and wellness resolutions for 2014? Need to lose a few pounds but don’t quite know how to do it? Want to quit caffeine, sugar, gluten or meat and need help? Want to begin the New Year with great health and a fresh start? 

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A Simple Roast Sweet Potato Salad Recipe To See You Into The New Year

roast sweet potato saladOver indulged over the holidays? It’s hard to resist all those lavish meals served at holiday parties and family gatherings. In this quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s, I like to lighten up a little. Get some exercise in. Eat some lighter meals. Get ready for the New Year and all my resolutions which I’ll try to keep.

This sweet potato salad recipe is so simple to make, I almost feel embarrassed writing it down. But I made it for dinner the other night for the whole family at the lake house where we were staying in South Carolina and it got rave reviews so I thought I would post it here. All you do is chop and roast some sweet potatoes, toss with salad and a light dressing and there you go: a perfect healthy salad which is rich and substantial enough in these cold winter days to fill you up. Serve with roast chicken, pork or – if you still have some in the fridge – leftover Christmas turkey.

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