What I Learned From My 10-Day Cleanse

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One of my detox breakfasts: oatmeal with frozen berries, pumpkin and chia seeds with a swirl of almond milk

I completed my Fresh Start 10-Day Cleanse at the beginning of this year with a group of clients and it was the perfect timing for me – after a non-stop party and holiday season with definitely too much sugar, carbs and alcohol. I love working with clients to do a gentle seasonal detox at the beginning of the year as it can shake up your diet, hit the reset button and help you lose a few pounds and feel more energetic and ready to tackle anything at the beginning of a New Year.

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What’s for Supper, Mama?

meal plan

Writing out my weekly meal plan

What’s for Supper, Mama?*

It’s late on Sunday night and if you are looking at the tomorrow’s diary and thinking what the *heck* am I going to feed myself/kids this week – calm down, sit down and read this. This is a new series I’ll be writing for my blog so you can see my ideas behind meal planning and what I’m going to be feeding my own family too.

In order to bring a little bit of sanity into my home during a very busy week, I try and create meal plans every Sunday night. It takes just 15 minutes to make and helps me visualize what we’re going to be eating every day. I also include some ideas for lunch and breakfast too but for the sake of this particular blog post, let’s just focus on dinner.

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Easy Healthy Homemade Popsicles


Weeknights in my house with my two children often end with the simple plea: what’s for dessert?

During the holiday season, we got stuck in a bit of a rut. With the house full of chocolate, cookies and ice-cream, I suddenly realized that my two little ones were munching their way through a lot of sugar every night. I needed to find a healthier option. My kids adore ice cream so I knew that frozen fruit popsicles would be a big hit. I also wanted to be in control of the ingredients for dessert: no more artificial additives or sweeteners!

Determined to get some healthier dessert options for our weeknight meals, I bought some bright colored popsicle molds and pulled out my blender to make some delicious flavor combinations. First up: pineapple and spinach which was a huge hit with my son who doesn’t even eat green vegetables. Score!

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Meal Planning Tips From a Pro

meal-planningDo you struggle to find the time to plan your meals and go shopping for groceries? Many of my clients complain about that time at the end of a long day when they open their fridge, find nothing in there and head to the phone to order take out. Obviously, this is not a very healthy way to live but with a good system and a bit of planning, you can make meals and grocery shopping less of a chore and something that is fun and part of your weekly routine.

I recently interviewed Laura who is one of my inspirations for fabulous meal planning within a tight budget. Laura is an entrepreneur with her own photography business and a mama to two beautiful children. Follow Laura’s tips for meal planning and you won’t have to dial for take out in desperation again. After six years of meal planning, she really knows what she is talking about! Continue reading

My Top Five Tips for Shopping and Cooking During the Working Week

Do you find yourself constantly complaining: “I am so overwhelmed by cooking during the week, it takes me three hours to make anything” or “I don’t even know what to buy at the grocery store, there are too many choices” or “Nutrition just goes out the window when I have to work and cook” or “It’s 7pm, and I’m ordering pizza (again).”

As a busy mama of two little ones with my own business, I completely understand. I know how difficult it can be to cook during the work week and prepare something nutritious for your family in a very short amount of time when your kids are screaming for dinner and you are tired from a full day. So just for you, working mamas* of the world, here are my top five tips to ease you through the week. I hope these tips help you a little! Continue reading