Winter Brussels Sprouts Salad With Apples, Pecorino and Pine Nuts


This month has been so much fun with all the holiday parties, brunches, school events and gatherings with friends of family. Lots of comfort food too and unfortunately a little bit too much sugar, alcohol and treats.

This salad was made out of a craving. A craving for crunch. A craving for raw vegetables. A craving for a simple lunch. A craving for something nutritious and easy in the middle of dark December.

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How I Cope With Halloween

How I Cope With Halloween

Come over to my house on Halloween and you’ll get one of these silly toys instead of candy!

I think my children start talking about Halloween just after their birthdays in July. Seriously. First of all, they start planning the costumes and then of course their eyes roll in delight at the thought of all the CANDY.

What is a healthy mama to do during one of the UN-healthiest holidays of the year?

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Roasted Cabbage With Spices

Roasted Cabbage with Spices

I’m not really a cabbage person. I occasionally buy them to make coleslaw with in the summer but when I see them in the supermarket, I normally walk right past them and move on to something more familiar like kale or squash. Last week however, I got a cabbage in my CSA box. If you’re not familiar with the CSA model it stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it is a wonderful system of accessing organic fruits and vegetables and supporting local farms. The only slight problem with this model is that you can’t choose what is in your box and sometimes you end up with fruits or vegetables you aren’t quite familiar with or don’t quite know how to cook. Like a cabbage.

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Gluten Free Treats for the Holiday Season

Tasty Gluten Free Cookies from King Arthur Flour

Tasty Gluten Free Cookies from King Arthur Flour

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. People are traveling all over the country to be with their loved ones. Gifts are being wrapped and placed under twinkling Christmas trees. Friends and families are being reunited. Kitchens everywhere smell of aromatic spices and tasty treats. It’s a time to rest, spend time at home, cook delicious meals and have fun. This month has been a whirlwind for me with work, holiday parties, events at my son’s school, visits from relatives and traveling to be with family. I haven’t had so much time to spend in my kitchen whipping up new treats for my blog, so I thought I would round up some delicious gluten free, healthy treats that you can bake at home from some of my favorite blogs and recipe sites. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the United States. It’s a wonderful long weekend where we get to enjoy delicious feasts with our loved ones. You may be wondering how you can avoid gaining an extra 10 lbs over the holiday season. How do you stay healthy while traveling, attending countless holiday parties or having your Great Aunt Mildred’s marshmallow-laden-sweet-potato casserole staring you in the face?

Here are my top tips for staying healthy this week and through the end of the year:

  1. Pack healthy food for your trip. Pack some healthy snacks (carrot or red pepper sticks, hummus, fruit with a small container of almond butter, roasted nuts, seeds or a salad) for your car or plane trip to avoid the temptation of over processed snacks and fast food.
  2. Never arrive hungry. Don’t save your calories for the big meal. Always have a healthy breakfast and lunch and get in some exercise before your holiday dinner. Have a little snack of fruit or nuts before the main meal too.
  3. Load up on the veggies and salads and add a little meat and sauce on the side. Why not try my Autumn Kale, Butternut Squash & Pomegranate salad too?
  4.  Go easy on the alcohol. Alcohol has tons of extra hidden calories and sugar that we often don’t even account for.
  5. If you go off track for one day, don’t worry. We should all be able to enjoy the holidays without feeling anxious or guilty about food. Let it go. Start again the next day with a super healthy green smoothie or vegetable frittata for breakfast, get some exercise and set off with new healthy intentions.

Have a wonderful week, Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers and cheers to your health!

Stay Smart and Healthy Throughout December

Did you know that the average American puts on 5-10 pounds over the holiday season? Did you know that that the average American starts some form of diet in the New Year?

Think about it: why are you spending every January trying to undo the damage of every December? Why not use your New Year’s resolutions to create long term healthy weight goals and stay lean, healthy and fabulous all year round. The key is to stick with healthy goals during the holiday season so you won’t need to lose an additional 5-10 pounds on top of any other weight-loss goals you may have come January.

Here are my tips to keep you on the path to a healthy holiday season:

  • Look at your social calendar and anticipate any problem areas. Office party coming up? Big family Christmas dinner? New Year’s Eve soiree? Think about menus and what may tempt you. Have a healthy snack before the big event. Set some ‘rules’ for the event such as choosing a vegetarian menu or limiting yourself to 2-3 drinks.
  • Avoid temptations lurking everywhere. Look around you. There are bowls of chocolate, holiday cookies, cake, cocktails, hors d’oerves everywhere and you haven’t even had dinner yet. Try and choose healthy snack options at least most of the time and your waistline will thank you for it.
  • Keep exercising. Just because you have a lot on your social calendar this month, doesn’t mean you need to skip your Pilates class or avoid running around the park. You need exercise this month now more than ever!
  • Focus on January and your healthy and weight-loss goals. In a few weeks, you are going to be seriously trying to get your body in shape. Your January self will thank you if you are careful right now!

Enjoy this holiday season and I look forward to working with you on your January detox and weight-loss goals! Contact me today to set up a health strategy session or to organize a fabulous food-based detox.