Quick And Easy Vegetable Stock


Thanks so much to Doug from The Kitchen Professor my guest blogger today for some great tips about how to make your own vegetable stock. This tastes so much better than anything you can buy in the store!


I don’t know about you…

But I always seem to be out of vegetable stock whenever I need it.

There are some big advantages to making your own vegetable stock:
1. You won’t feel silly when you don’t have it and need it.
2. You can control the amount of salt, i.e. sodium, in your meal.
3. It is much cheaper to make your own stock than to buy it premade.

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How To Make Your Own Almond Butter

How to make your own almond butter

I was in my local supermarket the other day and I noticed a beautiful display of almond butter. Since I regularly shop at my local food coop, I was intrigued to see how much regular almond butter cost in a different store. It was a huge shock to see organic almond butter being sold for $23.99! What’s in it – pieces of gold? I can’t believe that anyone would buy it when it is so easy to make at home. Once you make it, you won’t be buying store bought almond butter again. Just like making your own almond milk – it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you never made it before. You just need almonds and a food processor and about 15 minutes of your time. That’s it! A whole jar will probably cost you less than $4 now. You can thank me later.

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