Thank you to my wonderful clients for these great testimonials. I love working with you!


“Thank you, Anneka. My reset went super smoothly and I achieved my perfect weight! Lost 3kg. My tight jeans feel soooo good. I couldn’t have done it without you and your support. Gosia

“Excellent detox – really enjoyed all the recipes and your approach. Planning on staying off the coffee for now which is something I never thought I would say or be able to do! I ran my best 10K on Saturday too!” Torz

“I was so impressed by the amount of information and support.  It was really great to learn different ways to prepare food and to learn more about the ways food affects my body. I was sleeping better than I have in years and I felt my mind was clearer, I was less anxious and less stressed. I loved the Spring Cleanse guide. The recipes were so good and I’ll be using all of them from now on.” Carrie

“It was really a pleasure working with you. I think I knew what I needed to do to get healthy but you really helped me focus, motivate me and think through ways to give myself the structure I needed to implement a plan for lifestyle changes. Thank you so much for everything.” Alissa

“Your detox has been a fantastic experience. I loved all the recipes and just want to keep on going. I have realized a lot about food and how my body reacts to it. Shenan

“Real Food, Real Easy. Thank you!” Jen

“I have been putting off doing the 7 day detox for almost two months. Would always find excuses… Anneka was always patient and made me feel at ease about how much benefit I would get. Two days after ending my detox, I feel great and ready for new challenges. I ended up enjoying every day so much. Waking up and drinking the smoothie was pure joy, and all the recipes were tasty, everyone at work was jealous. And it is not only those seven days but the things that I am going to add to my diet in the long term that should make you decide to do this!” Rosa

I feel amazing. I lost the bloat I had developed over the last 2 months from eating order in food and possibly from drinking too much beer.  I have also been able to stop my coffee habit. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience!” Michelle

“Throughout the cleanse, Anneka was supportive and informative. She answered all my questions in detail and was a wealth of information. She even went so far as to research a restaurant menu so I can stay on track while joining my friends for dinner. I would highly recommend Anneka for guidance on any of the cleanses she has to offer.” Cori

“We loved the spring detox, and in fact we’re extending our time with it. It’s a great way to start learning and practicing healthier habits, but it’s not as extreme as a juice fast. Jess & Twumasi

“I’m definitely feeling better from the cleanse and most of all have learnt some practical means to help promote eating better on a regular basis! Thank you for your help and guidance throughout the process. I’m a big fan of what you’re doing and hope you reach many, many more people out there to help improve their diets as well as their lives.” James

“Doing Anneka’s Spring Cleanse motivated me to help my boyfriend lose the 10 pounds he was carrying around for over 10 years and freed me from caffeine addiction for good.” Mara

“I’ve struggled with my weight for more than 20 years, and I reached for heavy and processed food pretty frequently. Anneka worked so hard to help break down my long-held bad habits, and she did it all within the constraints of my crazy life. She helped me make changes bit by bit, all in a sane and totally doable way. After three months of working with her, I kicked my diet soda habit, I’m no longer dependent on caffeine to get through my day, I actually know how to cook quinoa and beets, and I’ve lost about 10 pounds! I feel much healthier– with fewer headaches– and I know I’m on track to stay that way.” Mandi

“I came to Anneka with arthritis in my hands, psoriasis and twenty pounds of unwelcome excess weight. We are halfway through my program and my arthritis is completely gone, my hair and scalp is shiny and healthy, I’ve lost inches, am going from strength to strength and I can’t wait to see what’s coming around the corner! Working with Anneka has changed my life and we are planning for permanent health results.” Naomi

“Your detox is life-changing! This was one of the best experiences for me and my husband. I started feeling much more energized throughout the day; I felt that my breathing was much clearer and I’m experiencing less joint pain.” Anat

“Anneka was generous, present, thoughtful, considerate and available. She made suggestions to help me tailor or make adjustments as I needed to. I appreciated her patience when she introduced it and throughout. Also I felt guided beyond the detox time. Just wonderful. I am excited about the prospect of doing something towards better health and well-being for myself and my family.” Wendy

My husband is at his best weight since college. His hands no longer send shooting pain up his arm. The main thing he is doing different is the alkaline diet. Food as our medicine is what it is all about. So this diet works!” Mary

“The detox was great and made me think about what we were eating and introduced new foods to our diet. It was a good exercise in willpower and determination! Anneka’s support was fantastic at all stages of the detox. In just one week, I lost weight and the doctor checked my blood pressure and it was much lower. Now we’re going to look at changing our eating habits for good.”  Piers

“I felt a lot healthier and really upped my vegetable intake during the detox week. I felt that I had a more energy by the end of the week and we both shed a few pounds too.” Chelsea

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