How I Cope With Halloween

How I Cope With Halloween

Come over to my house on Halloween and you’ll get one of these silly toys instead of candy!

I think my children start talking about Halloween just after their birthdays in July. Seriously. First of all, they start planning the costumes and then of course their eyes roll in delight at the thought of all the CANDY.

What is a healthy mama to do during one of the UN-healthiest holidays of the year?

I’ve written before on this blog about how to have a healthy Halloween. It involves balance and thinking creatively about other options that aren’t filled with sugar. In our house, we make banana ghosts or pumpkin tangerines which are really fun and a little healthier than candy.

This year, we’re not giving out candy either. I really don’t want to be responsible for more sugar highs in our neighbors’ kids. I bought a big assortment of fluffy monster pens, bouncy balls, finger puppets and glow bracelets for our trick or treaters. From my years of experience with my own children, I know that these little toys are actually gratefully received after all the candy. They last much longer too.

For Halloween, I have just three rules for my kids:

  1. Eat a proper dinner BEFORE trick or treating. That might be a smoothie, soup, bowl of pasta or some chicken or fish and veggies. They have to have some good quality protein and be pretty full up before they go out into the neighborhood or else they will literally go crazy on all the sugar.
  2. Eat the candy! Are you surprised at this? On Halloween, I don’t mind if my kids eat all the candy in their bag. They normally don’t of course and my daughter doesn’t have a sweet tooth at all but instead of making it taboo, they can eat all they want. The candy mysteriously disappers the next day…(there are many charities or dentist offices that will happily accept your candy!)
  3. Have fun! Halloween in the USA is just brilliant. We love all the costumes and we spend weeks planning what our children will wear and the best route for trick or treating on Halloween night. It’s so much fun and one of our favorite holidays. The kids get to see their friends, dress up in cute costumes and eat as many sweets as they want which in their book is probably one of the best days of the whole year.

There you have it! How do you celebrate Halloween? How do you navigate the tricky question of candy with your kids? I’d love to hear from you!


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