How To Stay Healthy Over The Holiday Season

It’s getting cold outside, the evenings are drawing in and this is the week that America celebrates Thanksgiving. At this time of the year, it’s natural for us to turn to rich, heavy, comforting foods. With the sugar craziness that starts at Halloween and finishes after New Year’s, many of us throw out our diet and nutrition goals and forget about healthy food options and our good intentions from the summertime.

Don’t worry, here are some easy tips that you can use throughout the entire holiday party season that will keep you healthy and won’t have you starting all over again with unrealistic health goals on January 1.

Tip #1: Eat protein before you go out. Try a protein smoothie, nuts, pumpkin seeds or eggs.

Tip #2: Drink water! Hydration is key to preventing overeating and to staying refreshed and energized. Take a bottle of filtered water out and about with you. Try herbal teas or lemon water if you don’t like plain water. Drink a pint of filtered water before you head out to your holiday party or meal to keep you hydrated and prevent overeating.

Tip #3: Eat for energy. By eating more whole grains, green vegetables, clean sources of protein (like fish or lean meat), eggs, lentils and beans you will stabilize your blood sugar and won’t have energy crashes that might have you reaching for the nearest slice of pumpkin pie.

Tip #4: Fill your plate in a healthy way. Add tons of veggies and fruit to your plate before you reach for the cheese, cold cuts or sweets! Focus on balance and moderation.

Tip #5: Chew. Chew your food slowly and take your time so your stomach has time to signal to your brain when it’s really full.

Try these tips and tell me how you feel – and don’t forget to stay active throughout the colder months too.


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