Simple Ways To Boost Your Immunity And Fight Germs This Fall

picstitch-1Sniff, sniff! With pre-school and 2nd grade germs flying around our house, I’ve started to feel a bit under the weather too. It’s so hard to be sick with little ones running around. I’m all about natural remedies to help me feel better so, here’s what I’m doing to make sure I don’t feel any worse and to boost my immunity for the rest of the autumn season.

  • Drink lots of warm lemon water – tons of vitamin C and enzymes to boost your immunity and fight off germs
  • Add anti-inflammatory spices such as turmeric, fresh ginger or chili powder to meals and lemon tea
  • Add garlic to salads (raw) or cook with greens for delicious meals. Garlic helps you fight off infections and aids digestion which is great for your immune system.
  • Take a high quality probiotic that will not be broken down by stomach acid. I love Shaklee’s probiotics as they are triple coated and amazing for gut health (healthy gut = great immune system!)
  • Make some chicken soup or another soup that is hearty and will make you feel warm inside and so much better, such as vegetable or lentil.
  • Wear a scarf to cover your neck
  • Get some rest – take a power nap or go to bed earlier
  • Get out in the fresh air. I always find going for a walk or bike ride in the autumn sunshine makes me feel so much better!
  • Add some immunity boosting drinks to your daily regimen. I love Defend & Resist (with echinacea and black elderberry) and Vitalized Immunity (naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, and contains as much Vitamin C as 16 oranges) as drinks throughout the day to help me stay healthy and feeling great.
  • Try and reduce the amount of sugar in your diet. Sugar is an immune depressant and will just weaken your body as you try and fight off germs.

What are your tips to stay healthy naturally this autumn and winter?


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