10 Toddler Approved Snack Ideas

blueberriesIf you’re the parent of a toddler, you know how much snacking goes on during the day. Many toddlers nowadays don’t even sit down to full meals so snack time plays a huge role in getting key nutrients into their little bodies. By buying or making healthy snacks, you are creating healthy palates and setting up great healthy eating habits for life. Toddlers love to help out in the kitchen too, so get them involved with preparing healthy snacks and there is a greater chance that they will eat anything they make.

I am the mama of a busy little 2 year old and when we’re out and about in the neighborhood, I know how important it is to pack up some healthy snacks so that she doesn’t get hungry and has enough energy for playdates and whatever the playground has in store for her. When we’re home and it’s time for a snack, I don’t want to resort to goldfish or a PB&J just to fill her up either. It’s been a bit of trial and error with snacks but after years of experience, I think I’ve managed to create a winner list.

Here are my top 10 toddler approved snacks:

  • Kid Friendly Smoothies. Mix up a batch of spinach, berries, banana, almond milk and a kid friendly grass-fed whey protein powder. These are also great as popsicles. Just pour the smoothie mix into popsicle molds and freeze overnight.
  • Cucumber circles, cherry tomatoes and skinny carrot sticks with hummus. Sometimes it’s all about the presentation with toddlers. Chop up the vegetables into circles, triangles or skinny sticks with hummus and they will be very happy – guaranteed.
  • Tasty Protein bites
  • Vanilla Chia Pudding – just a small cup will fill them up! Add some fruit on the top too.
  • Hard boiled eggs. Boil a lot of eggs at once to keep as a handy protein-rich snack. Eggs keep for up to 7 days in your fridge.
  • Zucchini or carrot muffins. You can make and freeze these so you always have these healthy snacks on hand.
  • Apple slices and almond butter. My daughter also likes me to make “apple snakes” first by peeling all the peel off in one go with a sharp knife. She gobbles up the peel and gets all the best nutrients in the apple!
  • Yogurt. Try  a small cup of Greek yogurt mixed with honey or maple syrup for sweetener and chopped apple, banana or berries on the top.
  • Homemade sweet potato chips
  • Blueberries or tangerines. Aka the most perfectly portable toddler snacks in the whole wide world.

What do you love giving your little ones for snack time? Would love to hear all of your ideas!


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