Gingery Lemony Pear Compote

pear ginger lemon compoteThis morning, I was faced with six beautiful bosc pears sitting on my new kitchen counter top. They had been there for a few days and were still not ripe. I didn’t want them to get to that stage where they just shrivel or turn out to have deep black spots so I can’t even enjoy them. What’s the secret to ripening pears? I don’t know.

Anyway, I remembered how my mum loves to make compotes throughout the year with different fruit she has and how delicious they are. I thought a compote would be the ideal recipe for these pears. So I grabbed some fresh ginger, lemon, dates and a pinch of cinnamon and this compote was born. It’s pretty simple to make, takes 10-20 minutes and you can make a big batch to last all week in your fridge. And the ginger and lemon flavors blend perfectly with the pear. Great chilled or warm for breakfast with a side of granola or greek yogurt; for a morning snack; or for dessert with a tad of vanilla ice cream. Kids love it too and it’s a delicious alternative to sugary yogurts or sickly sweet desserts.

A few of the ingredients getting ready to go into the compote

A few of the ingredients getting ready to go into the compote

Ingredients: (one batch is enough for about 6 portions, double up to make a batch that will last you through the week)

6 pears – any variety, cored and cubed
3-4 dried dates, sliced thinly
1 lemon – peel some long strips with a short sharp knife and then squeeze out the juice into a bowl
1 inch of fresh ginger, minced (or more to taste)
1 pinch cinnamon


  1. Once you have prepared all the ingredients, place everything in a medium size saucepan.
  2. Pour over the lemon juice and a splash of filtered water. Simmer gently with the saucepan lid on for 10-15 minutes until the pear is soft. If the mixture dries a little, simply add a little more water.
  3. Serve hot, warm or chilled.
Voila! The finished gingery lemony pear compote.

Voila! The finished gingery lemony pear compote.


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