Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Thanksgiving

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the United States. It’s a wonderful long weekend where we get to enjoy delicious feasts with our loved ones. You may be wondering how you can avoid gaining an extra 10 lbs over the holiday season. How do you stay healthy while traveling, attending countless holiday parties or having your Great Aunt Mildred’s marshmallow-laden-sweet-potato casserole staring you in the face?

Here are my top tips for staying healthy this week and through the end of the year:

  1. Pack healthy food for your trip. Pack some healthy snacks (carrot or red pepper sticks, hummus, fruit with a small container of almond butter, roasted nuts, seeds or a salad) for your car or plane trip to avoid the temptation of over processed snacks and fast food.
  2. Never arrive hungry. Don’t save your calories for the big meal. Always have a healthy breakfast and lunch and get in some exercise before your holiday dinner. Have a little snack of fruit or nuts before the main meal too.
  3. Load up on the veggies and salads and add a little meat and sauce on the side. Why not try my Autumn Kale, Butternut Squash & Pomegranate salad too?
  4.  Go easy on the alcohol. Alcohol has tons of extra hidden calories and sugar that we often don’t even account for.
  5. If you go off track for one day, don’t worry. We should all be able to enjoy the holidays without feeling anxious or guilty about food. Let it go. Start again the next day with a super healthy green smoothie or vegetable frittata for breakfast, get some exercise and set off with new healthy intentions.

Have a wonderful week, Happy Thanksgiving to my American followers and cheers to your health!


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