Five Easy Ways to Add More Vitamin D Into Your Life in the Winter

Omelet with Shiitake Mushrooms: a perfect way to get extra vitamin D in your diet

Omelet with Shiitake Mushrooms: a perfect way to get extra vitamin D in your diet

It’s the middle of November and I woke up to snow falling in the streets of Brooklyn this morning. A cold, grey day beckoned (and no snowmen, unfortunately.) Living in the northeast, I know that I’m not getting enough sun for my body to make vitamin D – an essential vitamin used in the absorption of calcium for healthy bones and teeth and an immunity booster. At this time of the year, I’m conscious of including more vitamin D rich foods into my diet so that I ensure that I get adequate levels of vitamin D until the sun is strong enough again in late spring.

Here are five easy ways for you to get more vitamin D into your diet right today without having to book that flight to Florida:

1. Eat more oily fish. Wild salmon, mackerel and sardines are great sources of vitamin D. Bonus: you get heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids too!

2. Try some mushrooms, especially shiitake mushrooms. Mushrooms of all varieties contain vitamin D but the shiitake mushrooms contain a lot more. They are more expensive than regular white button or cremini, but since their flavor is so strong you don’t need many. Try them sautéed in butter or olive oil with herbs and garlic and pair them with eggs for breakfast or in a mushroom risotto for dinner.

3. Drink more vitamin D fortified organic whole cow’s, rice or soy milk.

4. Eat your eggs: try boiled or poached eggs for breakfast or a simple vegetable frittata for lunch or dinner.

5. Always supplement with a quality vitamin. I take 1,000IU of vitamin D from Shaklee year round and it’s even more important to take at this time of the year. The recommended daily amount is 600IU but most doctors recommend 1,000IU as the optimum amount during the winter.


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