Saturday Mornings at the Farmer’s Market

Sour cherries and blueberries

Sour cherries and blueberries

One of my family’s most precious rituals is a Saturday morning spent at the local Farmer’s Market in Brooklyn. We love to wake up and saunter down the road, bumping into neighbors on the way, petting some dogs and then perusing the stands. My children love to sample the blueberries, sliced peaches and cooked turkey sausage and beg me for apple donuts and fresh cider. Sometimes we watch a little puppet show or nibble bread on the bank listening to bluegrass.

What's for dinner? Garlic scapes!

What’s for dinner? Garlic scapes!

While I have my standard weekly purchases like delicious fresh flounder and smoked blue fish, apples and grainy bread, I love to be spontaneous and find some other fruits or vegetables that are not on my list for tonight’s supper. Whatever looks too tempting to pass by, I grab. Today I bought garlic scapes, corn, peaches and beets – who knows what next week will bring; that is part of the adventure.

Farmer’s Markets may seem a little pricier than your local supermarket, but the quality of the food you buy is much better, you can trust the sources and the food is more nutrient dense because it hasn’t flown half way across the world in an airplane to get to you. Farmers are typically traveling between 10-150 miles to get to the market, not 3,000 miles. Most produce is also organic or minimally treated. I also often find bargains at the market – big bags of root vegetables to make soup with in the winter or large bundles of beets or salad leaves in the summer which can beat any supermarket deal. Plus, you are supporting your local farms with every purchase. What do you like about your local Farmer’s Market?

Fresh New Jersey tomatoes. I love the contrast of colors!

Fresh New Jersey tomatoes. I love the contrast of colors!

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