Top 3 Cooling Foods for Summer

Cool as a cucumber!

Cool as a cucumber!

Temperatures are reaching the 90s and everyone is heading to the beach. Who wants to turn the oven on in this sticky heat? Summer is all about simple salads made with the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

Here are my top three recommendations for foods to keep you cool during the long summer months:


What would summer be without watermelon? This fruit has a high water content, is low in sugar but high in vitamins A and C. It’s slimming, refreshing and makes a low-calorie snack. It’s also delicious combined in a summer watermelon and tomato salad.


Stay cool as a cucumber by adding this water packed vegetable to any chopped salad or making cucumber sticks to go with your favorite dips or combining diced cucumber with plain yogurt to make Greek tzatziki.


Mint is very cooling and refreshing and is perfect in any salad or summer cocktail. Why not combine it with watermelon and cucumber to make the ultimate cooling salad?

Fill your summer with refreshing summer ingredients to help you stay cool all season long! Don’t forget to also stay hydrated with lots of filtered water or green juices.


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