Stay Smart and Healthy Throughout December

Did you know that the average American puts on 5-10 pounds over the holiday season? Did you know that that the average American starts some form of diet in the New Year?

Think about it: why are you spending every January trying to undo the damage of every December? Why not use your New Year’s resolutions to create long term healthy weight goals and stay lean, healthy and fabulous all year round. The key is to stick with healthy goals during the holiday season so you won’t need to lose an additional 5-10 pounds on top of any other weight-loss goals you may have come January.

Here are my tips to keep you on the path to a healthy holiday season:

  • Look at your social calendar and anticipate any problem areas. Office party coming up? Big family Christmas dinner? New Year’s Eve soiree? Think about menus and what may tempt you. Have a healthy snack before the big event. Set some ‘rules’ for the event such as choosing a vegetarian menu or limiting yourself to 2-3 drinks.
  • Avoid temptations lurking everywhere. Look around you. There are bowls of chocolate, holiday cookies, cake, cocktails, hors d’oerves everywhere and you haven’t even had dinner yet. Try and choose healthy snack options at least most of the time and your waistline will thank you for it.
  • Keep exercising. Just because you have a lot on your social calendar this month, doesn’t mean you need to skip your Pilates class or avoid running around the park. You need exercise this month now more than ever!
  • Focus on January and your healthy and weight-loss goals. In a few weeks, you are going to be seriously trying to get your body in shape. Your January self will thank you if you are careful right now!

Enjoy this holiday season and I look forward to working with you on your January detox and weight-loss goals! Contact me today to set up a health strategy session or to organize a fabulous food-based detox.


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