My Top Five Tips for Shopping and Cooking During the Working Week

Do you find yourself constantly complaining: “I am so overwhelmed by cooking during the week, it takes me three hours to make anything” or “I don’t even know what to buy at the grocery store, there are too many choices” or “Nutrition just goes out the window when I have to work and cook” or “It’s 7pm, and I’m ordering pizza (again).”

As a busy mama of two little ones with my own business, I completely understand. I know how difficult it can be to cook during the work week and prepare something nutritious for your family in a very short amount of time when your kids are screaming for dinner and you are tired from a full day. So just for you, working mamas* of the world, here are my top five tips to ease you through the week. I hope these tips help you a little!

Prepping for a Family Dinner!

1. Plan, plan, plan. Choose a night of the week to plan menus (three meals plus leftover combinations) and write out a list for the grocery store.

2. Organize your schedule. Shop for supplies around the same time of the week. If you can pick a set day, even better. This will save you time and money because you won’t be constantly running out to the store to pick up extra ingredients.

3. Prep in advance. Chop up those veggies, marinade the meat, cook your grains – all in advance. You keep them in the fridge and making your meals during the week becomes a whole lot easier.

4. Eat simply during the week. No-one is going to give you a medal for turning out Cordon Bleu standard meals every night. Instead – think pasta, risotto, stir fries, salads, casseroles, soups etc. – dinners that will feed a crowd and you can make in under an hour.

5. Cook once, eat twice (or thrice!). Make meals that you can eat over several days. For example, tonight’s spaghetti sauce can be mixed with beans and spices for  tomorrow’s chili. A roast chicken can be made into chicken and vegetable risotto or tossed with quinoa, avocado, tomatoes and cucumber for a refreshing salad.

Need more help and guidance? I specialize in working with women who want to focus on their nutrition, feed their family delicious meals and feel fabulous. Contact me today for a consultation!

(* Out at the office, working at home, or full time mamas, we all work hard and these tips are just for you!)


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